Meet Axel

Information technology and
digital marketing strategist


I want to help people communicate better through technology.

Just because we have lots of technology and a desire to share our thoughts, does not necessarily mean we do it well or even efficiently.

Better means more than just OK. More than good. It is always improving - continuously so. And just as with anything in life, things keep moving, forever changing and those of us who are adapting quickest and find efficient means to deal with new truths on the ground effectively - win.

I want to help you win!

Strategic Consultancy Services

Whether you are just starting out or are a large, established corporation - I can assist you with getting IT and communications work more effectively, save you money and increase value.

I price competitively and work promptly, from my office or yours. My services are delivered with urgency and achieving positive change for you is my aim.

Markets & Areas

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The recommended way to get in touch for an unconditional chat is by email. Please use the quick form provided for your convenience or send one to [email protected].

You can also send a text (and iMessage) or call +44 (0)7794 132 to discuss your requirements without any obligation to buy my consultancy services.

I am also on Google Hangouts, Skype and LinkedIn.