New and Improved WordPress 2.0.1

I’ve finally gotten around to updating this weblog to WordPress 2.0.1 and am happy to report that everything is working :-D Also new is the excellent AJAX-ed Shoutbox by Andrew Sutherland (Wordspew), and CaptCha! is finally working. Meaning: You can now post comments again!!!

Although 2.0.1 was hailed as a major improvement, I fail to see it. But then again I don’t hack around the backend much, so I just take the coders word for it and enjoy a stable WordPress Blog. Most of the old plug-ins are working fine though I updated most now anyway to warrant the “new and improved” headline.

All in all I still cannot fault WordPress as my blog engine of choice and am looking forward to the new AJAX-ed / Web 2.0 improvements currently planned. OK, it’s buzzword hype but some features and functions like the shoutbox or usability aiding layout improvements make punters happy. I’m playing around with a lot of the cool new toys thesedays to help redesign our companies web applications.

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