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My Amahi Home Server Testimonial

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I was looking for a replacement for Windows Home Server, which I found to be a bit problematic to set-up and get going with. My home server forms the backbone of my network and as I am a freelance cameraman, video editor and photographer, I make high demands …


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Run Multiple Instances of Skype

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If you have more than one Skype account - say one for business and another for personal use - you can run two Skype applications at the same time! Provided you have Skype version 4 or better. The following "tip" applies only to Windows, as I haven't had a chan…


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TextMate on Windows

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If you are dreaming of a TextMate port to Windows, than your our prayers have been heard :-D Alexander Stigse from Denmark has made it happen and almost entirely by accident whilst creating an advanced version control system and demo app to show it off. When h…