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Get the URL of the current page or post with PHP in Wordpress

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This ia a very quick note on the right way to get the URL of the current page or post with PHP in your Wordpress template: <?php echo "http://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; ?> This will work for both posts and pages and ou…


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Benchmark Nginx and Varnish for a Wordpress Site

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This is a post about benchmarking nginx and varnish in my little series of getting the most performance for your buck, running nginx with varnish, apc and memcache for a Wordpress website on a small VPS with 128MB RAM. Summer Special: Hurry, only 100x openVZ 1…


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Install Nginx with APC, Varnish, Wordpress and W3 Cache on a 128MB VPS

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Following on from me trying to fit a Wordpress install on a 128MB VPS while not sacrificing performance; I give you my rather comprehensive tutorial on how to install nginx with apc (php opt-code cache), varnish (caching proxy), wordpress and w3 cache. Summer …